At Revolution Academy of Dance, our Acro program uses a combination of Dance and Gymnastics. Students will learn tricks like cartwheels, handstands, bridges, limbers, forward rolls, aerials, etc., all tricks will be taught upon students abilities. Students will also work on flexibility in class as well. Acro is taught by a qualified and experienced instructor.

(Taking Ballet or Jazz is a prerequisite for this class since dance will be incorporated.)

Levels and Requirements for Acro:

Tiny Tumblers  ages 4 to 6 Years Old:

No Experience Necessary 

Beginner Acro Ages 7-12:

No Experience Necessary

Acro Level 1 Ages 5 to 7 Years Old Requirements:

Must have 1 side cartwheel, Tripod, & Bridge from laying.

Acro Level 2 Ages 8 to 12 Years Old Requirements:

Must have all of level 1 skills plus, both cartwheels headstand, backbend from standing, inside outs, & must be able to get into handstand.

Acro Level 3 Ages 13 to 18 Years Old Requirements:

Must have all skills listed above plus front limber, back chest roll, & recover from back bend.

**Private Lessons available upon request (30 minutes long)**

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