At Revolution Academy of Dance, the Adaptive Recreation Program is designed to help participants with special needs get the most out of their experience here. These programs have been modified to provide a safe and supportive environment to learn and practice both program skills and personal skills.

Our Adaptive Recreation Program helps our students become empowering individuals, helping them gain confidence, and enhancing team building skills. Our program is designed to promote physical fitness and build social skills.

​​Adaptive Recreation Program

Tiny Boppers I 

In this energetic and fun class we play games, use scooter boards, and parachutes! This class is great to help children build the social skills, work on motor skills, and uses physical fitness. We offer two ages groups for this class; Tiny Boppers I is ages 2-4 years old.

Dancing Daisy

This class is for 3 to 5 year olds and has more of a dance structure to it. Our instructors make this class fun and energetic! Students in this class will work on motor skills, social skills, use creative movement and will learn ballet basics!

​Any Color Leotard, Ballet Shoes, Skirts are acceptable.​

Resilient Movers

Resilient Movers is a dance aerobics class for ages 10 and up! This class is a High Energy and Upbeat class that is a lot of fun!! In this class the instructor uses all kinds of music and infuses it with dance fitness.

We also Offer Ballet & Tap Combo and Jazz & Hip Hop Combo Dance Classes for ages 3 & Up.