Join our Award Winning RAD Performance team! Our Performance team is a great opportunity for dancers who are looking to work hard and push themselves to the next level in a pressure free environment where we instill confidence, team work, and positivity! Dancers on our RAD team will be required to participate in Events, Recital, and Competitions.

​Performance Team Requirements are:

  • For Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Lyrical Performance Team taking Ballet & that genre of dance is required. 
  • For Hip Hop Performance Team taking Hip Hop is required and taking Acro is highly recommended. 
  • Dancers Must have taken that genre of dance for at least 2 years. Unless teacher recommended. 
  • RAD Performance Team members will participate in 1-2 competitions, this is an additional fee. (As soon as competitions schedules are available we can give prices and dates.)
  • RAD Performance Team will perform in events, examples:Senior Centers, Potato Festival, Kids for Kids, other events, and community service (collecting for the food bank through the studio, etc). 
  • All members of the performance team must follow all studio rules & regulations.
  • Members Must be respectful to all dancers, staff, adults, and anyone whether it is at the studio, competition, and performances. 
  • PROPER Dance Attire is a must!
  • RAD Performance Team Members can 3 only have absents, unless there is extenuating circumstances. We understand that dancers get sick, family emergencies, and school functional come up, however it is not fair to fellow dancers and instructors if students are continuously missing from class. 
  • Additional Rehearsals may be required depending on the class. 
  • We will have a parent meeting date TBA.

Performance Team Ages and Classes:
Mini Performance Team Ages 6-9:

Jazz & Hip Hop
Performance Team Ages 10-18: 
Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Lyrical, & Hip Hop

Performance Team..
Must sign contract so we no everyone knows the obligations and rules, which will carry over into their non-performance team classes also. 
Tuition will be bundled with their 50 min classes.
Costume deposits for Performance Team Members will be due by October 21st. As we will need to order these costumes sooner them the rest of them. 

We also compete solos, duets, and trios in all subject.

For more information please contact us!

(203)208-2866 / Revolutionacademyofdance@comcast.net

Please note that Students who join our RAD PERFORMANCE TEAM will be required to participate in Competitions, Recitals, & Events!